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Damp Proofing

Rising Damp Treatment
What is Rising Damp?
Rising damp can cause damage to decoration, plaster and furnishings, is potentially unhealthy and can occur in most building structures.
Initially when buildings are constructed, a rising damp treatment course is usually installed in the form of a damp proof course, which will be an integral part of the configuration. However when this becomes damaged or has not been installed properly, or has been a€bridged€ due to high external soil levels rising damp is often the result. Other factors such as leaking gutters or downpipes or condensation should be taken into consideration when making a diagnosis.
How to Identify Rising Damp & If You Require Treatment?
Rising damp is caused by moisture rising up porous brick or masonry walls through capillary action. (A little like moisture being absorbed by a sponge). The moisture will continue to rise until gravity takes over and stops any further movement. Rising damp can often be characterised by a tide mark€ like stain on the lower sections of the affected walls. It is important to identify if you have a rising damp problem and find an approproate rising damp treatment as quickly as possible. The easiest way to do this is to contact Ridgeway Preservation who are qualified within rising damp treatments and are rising damp treatment specialists.
Rising Damp Treatment Survey 
Our rising damp surveyor will carry out a thorough inspection of the property to assess the extent of any rising damp damage and will determine if any timbers require treatment or replacement.
Rising Damp Treatment
Typical rising damp treatments would consist of either repairing the defective damp proof course or installing a new treatment system. This normally involves drilling holes into the base of the affected walls at pre-determined depths and centres and injecting with a chemical or mortar type damp proof solution. Other dry rot treatment systems such as electro-osmosis€ or membrane type systems are also available. Salt contaminated plaster requires to be removed and replaced with an appropriate wall render. No redecoration works should be carried out until the walls have been allowed to dry.
Further Information on Rising Damp Treatment
For further information and help on Rising Damp problems, or if your property requires Rising Damp Treatment, please contact us today. Our property repair team are here to help you with any Rising Damp problems.
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